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Why Choose Us

“We Bring the Lesson to You!”

  • Wakeboard instruction with a Pro in your boat - We are there from beginning to end, all day. There are never other instructors that “stand-in” for the professional coaching you paid for.
  • Save time and money by bringing the instruction to you - Add up the expense of flying your group to a camp and you’ll see that this is a cost effective solution.
  • Be comfortable in your environment - Don’t waste valuable time on a plane, then more time adjusting to a different wake. Feel at ease while learning with your friends at your favorite riding spot. Then, sleep in your own bed when the day is done!
  • Parents, worried that your young rippers aren’t ready to go away to camp? We’re the answer - they’ll get the quality instruction they’re begging for, and you can be in the boat to see it all.
  • Learn the riding philosophy of one of the sports’ “8 Most Influential Riders Ever” - Learn the right tricks at the right time to help you progress faster and avoid lost time on the water due to injury.
  • Let 30+ years of experience help you and your family improve your skills at the sport you love.


Nelson Wakeboarding Camp