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Pricing  & Terms

Please call (916)-409-WAKE
or email for Pricing details.

Payment Options:

  • Travel expenses include airfare (if located more than 100 miles from Sacramento, CA)
    or fuel, food & accomodations.
  • 50% deposit required to reserve dates.
  • Payment in full required prior to instructor’s departure.
  • Refunds available with 15 day minimum notice less $100.
  • No deposit refunds due to last minute cancellations and/or poor riding conditions.
  • Re-scheduling is subject to availability.
  • Check or wire transfer preferred.


  • Link to downloadable “Release of Liability” form for signing
  • Description of Insurance carried by Nelson Wakeboarding, LLC.
  • Insurance Requirements for the boat in use at time of clinic.

Release of Liability Form (PDF)


Nelson Wakeboarding Camp