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Ladies Clinics

Ladies Wakeboard Clinics Ladies, we’d probably agree that riding with “the guys” can be intimidating. And forget trying to learn from your guy - you two might as well be speaking different languages when you’re behind the boat.

Be amazed at how much quicker you’ll progress when you’re taught by a female instructor, who fully understands your strengths and weaknesses. I’ll teach you how to progress your riding in terms you can easily comprehend, with lots of positive reinforcement that will have the whole boat cheering you on till the end of your set.

Be ready for that rewarding feeling of nailing something new, as we build up your skills, and your confidence, to help you reach your riding goals.

*Prices are per group, please call or email for rates. Recommend groups no larger than 8 Riders.

Day Lesson: An ideal scenario for small groups.
Be prepared for 2 sets in one day and ride away with
enough knowledge to keep progressing for the rest of the season.

Weekend Lesson: Enjoy a night of rest and relaxation after an intense day of riding. This allows time for an in-depth review of the day’s lessons and to prepare for the next day of learning. Avoiding busy public waterways is a must - awesome for private lakes or those well hidden secret spots.

Week Long Lesson: For those looking to get the most comprehensive instruction. Over a 5 day period the entire group will greatly improve all aspects of their riding, allowing each individual to receive more of the 1 on 1 coaching necessary for reaching that next level even faster. A great addition to your groups’ next houseboat trip.

Photo Shoot Session: Add a professional wakeboard photographer to any lesson package and capture the action like it would be printed in the magazines. For anyone seeking to advance their wakeboarding career, our team will arrive to direct, drive and photograph your session, capturing your skills like never before.

All photos emailed or downloaded at days end with full rights.

Custom Clinics: If none of the above suit your needs, custom clinics can be created. International inquiries welcome.

Local Clinics: If you can get to the Sacramento area we have access to Bell Acqua, Lake 1. We’ll use a Malibu VLX and offer ½ day packages. You can choose AM or PM and are guaranteed to ride at least 3 times. Riding on a private lake is ideal for learning as there are no distractions or poor conditions.

$200/ Person ½ Day

Bell Acqua Clinic Days will be posted on the Clinic Calendar and you can sign up by email or phone.

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