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Greg Nelson

Greg Nelson ProfileMost people know Greg as the founder of DoubleUp Wakeboards, the first rider owned and operated wakeboard company. Greg has logged a lot of wakeboarding hours since the sport began, and has traveled to all parts of the world on The DoubleUp Experience and countless other Wakeboard adventures whether promoting, filming, coaching or just having fun.

You may not see “Nelly” in the latest videos, but take a look at classic films like Spray, Hit It and MayDay to see some of the most stylish riding captured on film. Greg’s influence in the sport has only grown recently and he was honored to be included in Alliance’s “8 Most Influential Wakeboarders Ever” article and to be the profile athlete in The Standerd ‘s Wake Quarterly edition 1.3.

Although he’s spent less time behind the boat in the past few years, his passion for wakeboarding hasn’t dwindled. Currently, Nelson designs boards and other related products for Hyperlite Wakeboards including this year’s Shaun Murray pro model, the Tribute and Syn models and the new and exciting Wake Skis from HO.


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