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Corporate Clinics

International Markets, Distributors, Retailers & Lesson Centers

With my experience as a professional rider, manufacturer, designer and retailer, there’s little that I haven’t accomplished in this industry. I’m happy to share my expertise with you as a guest coach or agent for your organization. As a seasoned veteran, you can be assured that I will treat each customer with the high level of service your business deserves.

International Wakeboard Clubs, Camps and Lesson Centers

  • Guest Coach at your Camp or Lesson Center
          Stay competitive by offering something new to your clientele
  • Guest Judge at your Wakeboard Event
          Create excitement for your next event by inviting an Industry Icon


  • Customer Appreciation Events
          Bring in a Pro to give a clinic to your most valued customers
  • Sales Assistance and Training
          Strengthen your sales force with product and industry training


  • Grand Openings or Anniversary Sales
          Give your sale event a boost with fresh ideas for marketing
  • Special Promotions
          As a consultant, I can help you promote your business in ways you never considered

**Rates and Expenses are negotiable depending
on your market and what each job will entail.**

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